Saturday, October 5, 2019

Reasons for Hair Loss

Are you experiencing hair loss? Well there could be more than one reason.

 1. Heredity:

 If you have Family History of losing hair at certain age, this can be common reason of hair loss.

 2. Stress: 

Stress is also one of the most common reason for hair loss. Due to Physical or emotional stress, shock or incident can cause hair loss.

 3. Too much Smoking: 

Too much smoking can damage DNA directly

4. Chemotherapy: 

 is known to lead to hair loss. It attacks cancer cells, but also other rapidly growing cells - like hair cells. However when treatment stop hair will grow .

5. UnHealthy Diet: 

Eating healthy is so vital. But many time lack of protein and iron in diet lead to hair loss.

 6. Over Styling and Chemical:

Many time over styling like too much tighten or pulling hair during hair styling can cause hair loss. Not only that but also using shampoo which has chemical can cause to hair loss.

 7. Dirty Headwear: 

Many times people wear same Headgear without washing or cleaning, hence accumulate dirt, dust, and bacteria lead to irritation and scalp infections cause to hair loss.

 8. Pregnancy: 

Many time pregnancy is one of the cause of hair loss, most commonly after baby has delivered.

 9. Lack of Sleep: 

Sleep plays vital role, unfortunately many people does not get enough sleep, this can be one of reason for hair loss.

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