Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Ecola State Park is located in clatsop county in Oregon state on oragon coastine.Itencompasses 14 km of coastline. It is betweek the famous Canon beach and Seaside.This area is significantly historiacal, asin 1806Captain William Clark and 12 members of the Corps of Discovery traveled trough this part of oregon coast. There is picnic place facilited with picnic tables, restrooms and also a nice big picnic shelter on top with fire place and plent of benches. The road from the entarnce of the state park tothe picnic place is very majestic, covered with spruce trees on tboth the sides of the road. Indian Beach is next to this spot. There are five diffrent kind of hiking trails depending on length and elevation. The state park is approx 1158 feet above sea level so it usualy windy whenever you visit. If anyonedon't want to hike that its view from few steps from parking lot itself is breathtaking. With few steps steep walking left from the picnic spot you will find scinic view of the Haystack Roack and few steps to te right you will see the Tillamook lighthouse. Visitors can visit Indian Beach also.

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