Thursday, October 21, 2021

Learn how to make Javascript app for Beginners

 If you are learning Javascript by watching video or by some tutorial , and not sure how to implement these knowledge and build few program. Most of the time if we are learning we get concept individually but we are not sure how to use it . So it is best idea to integrate all concept and come up with program.

If  you know HTML, CSS , and know concept of if else statement, Loop, DOM, Event, Function we can make some lotto app, Conversion App, if know basic JQuery we can built Quiz App.

I made one video where I tried to use HTML, CSS , Javascript concept of  if else statement, Loop, DOM, Event, Function, Custom validation and made 3 apps or program from scratch. This are fun projects or programs for beginners. If you are studying JavaScript and want to showcase your work you may use it and come with some similar idea , modify and showcase your work.

Video Tutorial

java switch statement | Java Tutorial For Beginners

 Switch statement is alternative and more cleaner way to write code if we have more than two options. we can use else if, this is better way...