Saturday, December 18, 2021

how to refill Swiffer wet jet bottle?

 When you bought Swiffer wet jet , and when it time to refill it is very difficult to open a bottle to refill liquid and when you want to buy it new it is very expensive and we are contributing plastic to environment .In this case is there any solution to refill Swiffer wet jet bottle? 

Answer is yes.  

Here is the process

First take cup of water and make it warm for two minutes in microwave , now put bottle cap to water and after two minute or so try to open . If cap is still tight repeat process and keep it bottle for longer time. 

After  Swiffer wet jet bottle cap is opened, add your favorite liquid and close bottle. Observe if there is any leak, now cap is closed and you are good until you are out of liquid . 

Repeat process on same bottle.  

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