Monday, July 4, 2022

How to print JavaScript table in reverse order program Programmatically

 If you want to print table in JavaScript here what you can do . In this example we going to print table of 8 programmatically . below is explanation and at end of explanation you will get code 

Step no 1 

lets declare variable j =8 ;

since we want to print  table of 8 

Step no 2

user while loop or for loop

since it is in reverse order our starting point is 10 , we will run loop until i reach to 1 and i-- mean i =i-1 so we will not going to increment instead we will decrement by one . so in our case loop start with 10 and check if i is greater than one , it will loop until i reach to 1.

Document .write is used for print or observe in browser if you want to use console you can simple replace console.log

now we use variable j which we store value (in this case 8) and we we use i it means it will print position of i and at last we are using j*i it means value of j is 8 and times position of i until value of i reaches to i . 

if you want to print table of 10 in reverse order simple change value of j to 10. Below is code and out put.  


     j = 8
    for(let i=10;i>=1;i--){
        document.write(`${j} times ${i} is ${j*i}<br>`)  
        console.log(`${j} times ${i} is ${j*i}`)      


 -                                                                      out put:

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